• Parents should see that their wards do not remain absent except under unavoidable circumstances, as it adversely affects the progress of the pupil.
  • The pupils should be in the school before the first bell at 8.40 a.m. Late arrival will be seriously viewed in the school.
  • If a pupil is to be absent from school, an application for leave must be made in advance and sanction obtained prior to absence.
  • In case of absence due to sickness or other emergencies, a leave letter must be sent to the school on the first day of absence.
  • Irregular attendance and prolonged absence may lead to the removal of the student from school.
  • Absence on the re-opening day of every term is not allowed.
  • In case, the student is needed to go home while the school is in session, parents themselves should come in person and give a requisition letter. Only on sanction of permission by the Principal / Vice-Principal, the ward can be taken home by the parent after getting Gate Pass and making entry in the student movement register.
  • From classes IX to XII, if a student takes leave even one day, the parent must accompany the student the next day while reporting to school.
  • All the students from L.K.G. to XII Std should use the ‘leave format’ which is given in the diary (can take Xerox).
  • Pupils suffering from infectious diseases will not be allowed inside the school.
  • SMS facility is available through telegram and all parents are requested to give their Mobile Number to facilitate the movement of students, academic work, change of timing, exam timetable schedule, holidays, etc.


  • Students should come to school on time and attend morning assembly.
  • Must wear full school uniform. (I.D. card, tie, shoes, belt, etc.,)
  • Should speak only in English, should do the home work regularly.
  • Should complete class work records on time.
  • Develop neat handwriting.
  • Every student must have necessary text books and note books with him/her required for the Class. Keep text books and Exercise books neatly covered.
  • Learn to Use “Please” and “Excuse Me” while talking to anyone.
  • Should not fight and injure other students
  • Must avoid abusive language.
  • Must bring diary everyday to school.
  • Should obey the instructions of all teachers.
  • Should not bring cell phones and other electronic gadgets to the school.
  • Should not damage school property.
  • Should not involve in malpractice during tests and examinations.
  • It is the responsibility of all the students to keep the school campus and particularly their own class rooms neat, clean and tidy. They shall not litter classes and school premises. Waste paper must be thrown in the litter bins.
  • The student’s behaviour shall be decent at all times and at all places both inside and outside the school. They shall be courteous both in speech and action.
  • Students should proceed from one class to another in an orderly and calm manner.
  • Students shall not bring large amount of cash to school or wear costly jewellery. The school will not take the responsibility for their loss.
  • Students shall not play in the class room or corridors.
  • Boys should be in proper haircut throughout the Academic Year.
  • Students should cut their nails once in a week.
  • Students should not wear Uniform dress in a tight manner.
  • Student should not bring Non-vegetarian food for lunch except egg.


  • Parents should send the lunch along with their wards in the morning itself.
  • Separate lunch packets will not be received.


Application form and Prospectus can be obtained from school office on payment of an Application fee of Rs.200/- for Pre.KG, LKG and UKG. Application fees from I Std onwards upto X Std is Rs.300/-. Application fees for XI Std is Rs.500/-

Filled in application must be accompanied by the attested copies of the following documents:

  • Transfer Certificate
  • Birth Certificate (From the Municipal / Corporation Authorities)
  • Conduct and Character Certificate from the Head of the Institution last studied.
  • Community Certificate (original is to be produced at the time of admission for verification and return).


  • Late coming is not advisable. So all parents are requested to send their children on time
  • Students from I Std to XII Std should attend the morning assembly every day.
  • Parents will not be allowed inside the campus after the first bell. They should hand over their wards to the volunteers.


Fees should be paid as per the schedule intimated


One should pay the transfer certificate fees of Rs.300/- for T.C applied upto 31st March of the year. T.C applied from 1st April to 30th April- Rs.500/-, T.C applied from 1st May to 31st May - Rs.600/-, T.C applied after 1st June - Rs.1000/- All dues to school should be cleared to get the Transfer Certificate. Transfer Certificate should be applied before 31st May of the Academic year.


Fees of any type once remitted will not be refunded


  • First Mark in X Std in Periyar Matriculation Hr.Sec.School - Exemption of full tuition fees.
  • 2nd Mark in X Std in Periyar Matriculation Hr.Sec.School -Exemption of 50% tuition fees.
  • 3rd Mark in X Std in Periyar Matriculation Hr.Sec.School -Exemption of 50% tuition fees.

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