Admission Open for Pre.KG to IX std & XI std for the Academic Year 2023-2024.

Rules & Regulation


1. Speak in English.

2. Be Punctual to school, Students attending late after prayer shall not be allowed to enter the school unless they are accompanied by their Parent/Guardian who shall give legitimate reason to the Principal in writing for the late attendance.

3. Be regular in attendance. No Student shall absent himself/ herself without obtaining prior sanction.

4. All assignments shall be regularly done and submitted by the students. Parents are advised to take special interest in this regard. Do your home work regularly.

5. Come to school in neat and full uniform.

6. Pay your school fees in time.

7. Develop neat handwriting.

8. Every student must have necessary text books and note books with him / her required for the class. Keep text-books and Exercise books neatly covered.

9. Do not destroy school property.

10. Take part in as many extra curricular activities available at School.

11. Always speak the truth. School.

12. Learn to use "Please" and "Excuse me" while talking to any one.

13. Respect your teachers, parents, brothers, sisters and all the other elders and help them as much as you can

14. Do one thing at a time and do it well.

15. Every student must carry the diary regularly.

16. It is the responsibility of all the students to keep the school compound and particularly their own class rooms neat, clean and tidy. They shall not litter classes and school premises. Waste paper must be thrown in the litter bins.

17. Bi-cycles should be parked at the cycle stand and the places allotted. Vehicles found in unauthorized places will be impounded and released only on payment of fine

18. The student's behaviour shall be decent at all times and at all places both inside and outside the school. They shall be courteous both in speech and action.

19. Students should proceed from one class to another in an orderly and calm manner

20. Students should handle school property with utmost care. They shall neither deface nor damage them. They will be fined for such acts and cost of the damaged articles will be recovered from them.

21. Students shall not bring large amount of cash to school or wear costly jewellery. The school will not take the responsibility for their loss.

22. Students shall not play in the class room or corridors.